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The Resilient Woman was published in May of 2013. The Resilient Woman was spawned from graduate research that Ms. Cross was working on in relation to a board game that she created to help children and adolescents develop skills necessary to being resilient in school and in life. Ms. Cross noticed the same skills could be applied to adults facing difficult life situations.

What keeps some people moving forward in life after a tragic event while others continue to struggle to put the pieces back together? Ms. Cross, through research and personal life experiences, feels as though she has found the answer to this question and has put the necessary skills to overcome life's obstacles in The Resilient Woman.

The Resilient Woman helps women cope with difficult issues and situations in order to maintain a healthy mental balance.
The Resilient Woman is an empirical and experiential based manual to help women deal with difficult life situations and come out whole and well.

The feedback given praises the book for being a good tool for clinicians in serving their clients in practicing the necessary skills for developing resilience.

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