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Life Coaching



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Through C&C's life coaching services Ms. Cross will help you realize the life that you dream for yourself. She provides support and guidance in order to help you focus on what's important to you and then take the neccessary steps to achieve that dream. Whether it be achieving more work life balance, furthering your career, or traveling the world Ms. Cross will walk the path with you in partnership to make it happen.

Difference between Counseling and Coaching

Coaching is not a substitute for counseling. Counseling is needed in times of difficulty and possibly mental health treatment. The counselor is an expert that helps you deal with life's most difficult issues. In coaching you the client are the expert and a life coach is hired as your partner to help you focus and plot your course to achieve personal and professional goals.

Through coaching Ms. Cross wishes to walk through life's journeys with you being your advocate and cheerleader to help you reach your goals.













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